Special Education Lawyers

In California and the nation, there is a detailed law that requires school districts to provide significant rights to children with disabilities.   As experienced Special Education Lawyers, we work to ensure that legal mandates, most notably the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (“IDEA), are followed in a way that preserves the central role of parents or guardians of children with disabilities in creating the child’s education program.

Children with disabilities are entitled to an “appropriate” education that meets his or her “unique needs,” includes specific goals and objectives for the child, and provides the child with all necessary related/support services and an appropriate placement.

The parents or guardians meet with the school district at least once a year to develop a written description of the child’s complete program – this is called the “individualized education program” or IEP.

The Child Law Group, in the context of their service as special education lawyers, provides specialized expertise related to the creation of an Individualized Education Program.  You can learn more about this expertise by clicking here or calling (415) 256-8844.