about the child law group

Our Story

Lawrence M. Siegel has been an attorney and advocate for children with special needs for over thirty-five years.  He is nationally and internationally recognized for his work and is a Fulbright Scholar Specialist in Special Education.   He and Patricia E. Black provide a comprehensive set of services to children and their families.  We have a deep respect for each other and are colleagues and friends.

Siegel & Black is the only law firm in the Bay Area offering comprehensive legal services in the fields of special education and child protective service matters.



Our Mission

To provide the highest quality legal representation to the children and families we serve.

Our Team

<b>Lawrence Siegel</b>
Lawrence SiegelAB, MA, University of California, Berkeley. JD, Hastings College of the Law.
Since 1979 Lawrence M. Siegel has represented thousands of  families with children with…Read More >



<b>Patricia E. Black</b>
Patricia E. BlackBA Indiana University, Bloomington IN. JD Tulane University Law School.
Patricia E. Black has been a child welfare attorney for over two decades; has represented…Read More >