Who Am I?

Patricia E. Black
BA Indiana University, Bloomington IN. JD Tulane University Law School.

Patricia E. Black has been a child welfare attorney for over two decades; has represented hundreds of children in child abuse, neglect and custody litigation in San Francisco county. Former Assistant District Attorney in Orleans Parish, Louisiana, specializing in the prosecution of crimes against women and children. Trish has dedicated her professional life to the representation of the underserved and voiceless including volunteer work with the Homeless Advocacy Project through the San Francisco Bar Association and as being a founding and current board member of Advokids, a non-profit benefitting foster children. Trish is concerned by the lack of quality legal representation in special education proceedings for foster children and, Trish has added Special Education proceedings to her legal expertise and is a graduate of the Institute for Special Education Advocacy at William & Mary Law School. Trish is a Certified Child Welfare Law Specialist, accredited by the State Bar of California, Board of Legal Specialization and the American Bar Association.

Trish is married and has two daughters; enjoys hiking, yoga, reading, and of course, the San Francisco Giants.

patricia e. black child welfare attorney