Adoption Lawyer Lawrence Siegel

Who Am I?

Lawrence Siegel
AB, MA, University of California, Berkeley. JD, Hastings College of the Law.

Since 1979 Lawrence Siegel has represented children with hearing or vision loss, learning and physical disabilities, autism and emotional difficulties, speech and language challenges, developmental delays, ADHD/ADD, orthopedic and other disabling conditions.

Larry is the author of numerous books, articles, including The Human Right to Language (see right), The Complete IEP Guide (see right), and Least Restrictive Environment; he was appointed by the California Legislature to the Special Education Commission and presented with an Endowed Chair at Gallaudet University. Larry is a Fulbright Scholar Specialist (Stockholm University), has presented before variety of conferences, has provided legal workshops for parents throughout the nation, has testified before the California and South Dakota Legislatures and a U.S. Congressional Committee; and has written and helped enact legislation throughout the US; advised numerous local, state and national organizations; advised Gifu University on Japanese national Special Education policy; created and teaches the Special Education seminar at Hastings College of the Law.

Larry is married and has two children; he enjoys reading, music, hiking and going out to dinner with his wife.

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