child law group services

What We Offer

Adoptions – Independent & Agency
Assist in all aspects of your agency or independent (“private”) adoption, including birth parent contact/money issues, health care coverage, parental termination, drafting all documents for your court hearing, interstate adoptions, etc. We represent straight, gay and lesbian and single parents/couples. There are some differences between agency and independent adoptions – we will explain in detail those differences and help you decide what is best for you. Larry Siegel is an adoptive father (twice) and has been an adoption attorney since 1982.
Stepparent Adoptions
Advise and assist with all aspects of stepparent and family member (e.g. grandparent) adoptions.  These adoptions are easy in most cases with infrequent legal complications and thus usually involve minimal legal costs.
Special Education
You have a child with challenges and you are either starting or have been involved in the Individual Education Program (IEP) process. It is a complicated and often an emotionally difficult experience.  You may have gone to meetings where you feel lost or overwhelmed by what school staff is saying or proposing. You may be facing issues of eligibility, assessments, IEPs, related services, and placement (in public or private schools). You may be involved in, or headed to a mediation or a due process hearing.  Larry has been involved with SPED since 1979 and he and Trish understand the complex legal and emotional challenges you face in advocating for your child’s right to an appropriate education.
Child Protective Services Matters
We offer representation of parents, guardians, relatives, foster and de facto parents, siblings, and non-related extended family members in all phases of child protection proceedings.
We are trained mediators and available for family and child related mediation, family caucusing, and assistance and consultation in resolving inter-familial issues. Our practice does not include divorce or custody mediation but we are more than happy to be of assistance in locating a legal professional to meet your needs.

How We Work

For all legal fields we have the following process:

Initial call:  We provide a free, initial phone consultation (10-15 minutes) and explain the next steps in the process. There is no obligation on your part to retain us because of this initial call.

Planning your legal strategy:  If you decide you want us to assist we will review your case and all pertinent documentation. We will then provide you with:

  • Our over-all assessment of your case; how strong or weak
  • Our recommendations for what is needed to strengthen the case (if required)
  • What steps should be taken, starting with the least intrusive/costly
  • A detailed explanation of the ways in which we can help, from full representation to consultation/advice.

Who We Serve

Agency adoptive families
Prospective adoptive families choose to go through an agency; some of the processes, costs and laws are different from an independent adoption.
Independent Adoptive Families
Many prospective adoptive families choose to go through the “independent” or private adoption route which involve different rules, laws, processes and costs.
Stepparent Adoptive Families
For individuals adopting the child of their spouse or partner or a family member (e.g. grandparent).
Children with Disabilities
For families with children who are already eligible for special education or children who are not yet in special education; children with learning disabilities, emotional disturbances, ADD, ADHD, brain-injuries, physical challenges, hearing or vision loss, autism, developmental delay, speech and language disabilities.
Individuals Involved in Child Protective Services Matters
For parents, relatives, foster parents or other individuals who would like to obtain direct representation or bring relevant information before the court regarding a child in a child welfare proceeding.