Experienced Adoption Lawyers

Increasingly people are adopting to start/complete their families and there are many options if you want to adopt, including going through your county (although this may often involve adopting an older child) or adopting a newborn either through an adoption agency or a process called “independent” or private adoption.

While these different options do have slightly different processes and rules the key issues to think about in analyzing whether you want to adopt are:

  • There are many ways to find a biological parent who is considering an adoption, including many agencies and professionals who help in this ‘search.’   It is imperative that you carefully consider and research all these options – the cost can be significant and there are excellent but not so excellent professionals out there.
  • You should plan on the adoption process – from finding a child to becoming the legal parents – taking anywhere from 1-3+ years.
  • Before the adoption can be completed the legal rights of the biological mother and father must be resolved; this can be done either by the mother and father signing a consent to the adoption or relinquishment of rights or by having a court issue an order terminating rights.
  • There are many potential areas of cost in an adoption, including living support for the biological mother, coverage of medical costs, legal costs, agency or other fees and costs for finding a baby.

We are experienced adoption lawyers, and I know personally how wonderful adoption can be, but I strongly urge you to talk to as many professionals in the field as you can to learn as much as you can about adoption. And if someone is not willing to talk to you for 5-10 minutes without charging a fee you might want to move on to someone else.